Friday, May 15, 2009

Be a Blessing

Tonight, the preacher (I think he's one of two) here in Palmerston North, Nathan Paki, told myself, Andrea, and one of the girls from Tauranga that the fun and encouragement we had today/tonight was an answer to his prayers. He said that the Palmerston North congregation has had some rough times as of late, and our energy and love and encouragement has been a blessing. I've been needing some love and encouragement too, so here are the two lessons I got from what Nate said tonight:

1. God answers prayers in beautiful ways, allowing us to see His face in those around us. He gives us the social and emotional tools to build relationships with those who need us and whom we need.

2. We never know what good is being done by our smile.

Be a blessing. Play with the kids. Smile at someone with sad eyes. Pick up a random piece of trash. Serve others. Make some Queen's Holiday crowns, have a tickle war, eat a kebab barefoot like a hobbit, and don't be afraid to karaoke. God loves you and He works though you; you are His.